Released v2.2: Adding Google Maps API Key Support

As you know, Google has made API Keys mandatory for all public APIs – so the Google Maps API Key. The issue arose a few weeks ago and we started receiving complaints about it.

Finally, we were able to finish some research and development around it. We’ve just released version 2.2 of WPME Google Maps Plugin, which now supports the Google Maps API Key.

Previously it had no option to add your own key, as it wasn’t required at all. But now you can easily grab an API Key from Google Developers, by readingĀ Obtaining an API Key guide.

Once you have generated your key, simply copy and then paste under ‘WPME Google Maps’ -> Settings (page) -> Settings (tab) -> ‘Google Maps API Key’ input option (as seen below).

WPME Google Maps Settings - Google Maps API Key
WPME Google Maps Settings – Google Maps API Key

Go ahead and give it a try. If you find any issue, feel free to report at WordPress Plugin Support page.


Posted on: July 22, 2016, by : admin