Plot multiple addresses on a Google Map, with easy to use interface and simple short code.

Short Code Usage

[wpme-gmaps address="123 Main Street, Sydney 12345, Australia"]

[wpme-gmap map="99"]

See this in action on our contact page.

There are more attributes available, which you can use to configure the map results.

Short Code Attributes

Attribute Description Default Value
map ID of a saved map.If used, all other attributes are ignored and values are taken from saved map and locations.WPME Google Maps now supports saving maps and locations. Use this attribute to call a saved map.
address Full street address to point on the map.i.e. 123 Main Street, Sydney 12345, Australia Required
width Width of the map in % or px.i.e. 100% or 1100px Optional 100%
height Height of the map in % or pxi.e. 50% or 400px Optional 400px
marker URL of the map marker icon.i.e. select from available markers:          Optional Google Map’s default marker icon
zoom Initial zoom level of the map – 0 to 20 (or above, depending on supported level for Map Type)i.e. 8, 15 or 20 Optional 15
type Map type (as supported by Google Maps)i.e. ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID or TERRAIN Optional ROADMAP
swheel Mouse scroll wheel supporti.e. enable or disable Optional disable
controls Map controls (zoom, pan, navigate or etc)i.e. show or hide Optional show
cache Cache control for map results. If enabled, the results are cached for 30 days. If you want to force fresh results always, disable caching.i.e. enable or disable Optional enable
class CSS class(es) to use with map’s DIVi.e. my-map-class Optional wpme-gmap
id CSS ID to use with map’s DIV. This ID is also used as map object IDi.e. my-map (do not use # sign before ID) Optional wpme-gmap


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