December 30, 2015 admin 0Comment

We have just released a major update. Shortcode Factory v2.0

This release contains several improvements and some new features:

  • NEW: short codes for Table, Table Row, Table Cell and Custom Container Tags.
  • NEW: FAQ added to explain that how you can add short codes support for WordPress Text Widget.
  • NEW: Setting to enable/disable desired group of short codes only. Improve performance of plugin by enabling only desired group of short codes.
  • UI improvement and some changes to support Grouped View of short codes, in short code insertion dialogue screen.
  • Corrected short code filter names for shortcode_atts_{$shortcode_name}. See for more information.
  • Several performance improvements.
  • Several code improvements regarding code management and organization.
  • Overall architecture improvements to support flexible enhancements in future versions.
  • Compatibility improvements with respect to 3rd party plugins.

Find more details at plugin’s official website.